Oh yes… you might be wondering how things are going.

Hi folks. Sorry to have neglected you… this convalescing lark is quite busy. Yes I could have multitasked while doing something else. But I didn’t. No reasons. No excuses. Sorry.

For anyone interested in how I’m doing after the surgery the short answer is that I am making slow and gentle progress. Each day I try to keep mobile and in particular go for a walk outside. Each day I try to extend the distance slightly and aim to get home feeling slightly out of breath but not breathless.

I’ve managed to get out and about. Church on Easter Sunday morning is really special and I was determined to be there. Made it! I’ve also made it to my local Magic Club. I usually feel pretty tired afterwards but it’s good to be doing ‘normal’ things outside the house.

I’m now on a cardiac rehab programme (starts beginning of May) and hope to have a timetable for a phased return to work soon. I’m not rushing back but am keen to have some targets.

I knew this phase would be frustratingly slow. But it’s important to be patient as my body heals. As always I really appreciate all of the messages of support and encouragement and all of your prayers.

Be blessed, be a blessing

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