So there I was again, sat in the hospital waiting area ahead of an appointment. From my vantage point (and over the top of a cup of coffee) I could see one of the designated smoking areas.

It does feel somewhat incongruous that a hospital would set aside an area for people to smoke… But better than it happening all over the site I guess.

Anyway, as I watched I saw one chap in a hospital gown (thankfully he had trousers on) who was accompanied by two police officers. My first thought was to wonder what crime he’d committed. But then I realised that was jumping to conclusions: he could have been a victim, or a witness, or even a fellow police officer. Why did I jump to the conclusion I did?

It made me realise afresh how easy it is to pre-judge people. And that’s etymologically and philosophically where prejudice has its root.

Please God help me not to judge other people and jump to conclusions about them.

Be blessed, be a blessing.

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