a pome for the weekend

diaryHere is a pome what I have writ… it will also appear in the ‘pomes’ section of this blog in due course. (Bearing in mind that some people have to work at weekends, this pome is transferrable to other days off).

Weekends are Designed for strengthening us when we feel weakened:

Rest, recreation, relaxation and re-creation are needed at the end

of a busy week – whether it’s on our own or with family or friends.

Time spent away from work, toil, stress and strain help us mend

our busy lives and enable our sense of well-being to be deepened.

The Designer designed us that way so that we bookend

business and busyness with refreshment and intentionally send

the message that days off are essential, not just a trend.

Be blessed, be a blessing

A friend once described the austere nature of Sundays in his household. It was a day of rest and frivolous activity was forbidden: “We would even take the swing out of the budgie’s cage in case he enjoyed himself!”

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