pome for national potery day

Minolta DSC

Apparently today is National Poetry Day.

In honour of this I shall attempt a short (free verse) ode but also refer you to the pomes section of this blog if you are a glutton for poetic punishment. You can find them if you scroll down ye menu on the right hand side of the page*.

– o 0 o –

“Passion”: what happens when you give up on charged particles.
“Compassion”: having the hots for a website (.com) about giving up on charged particles.
“Compassionate” – having consumed a website (.com) about charged particles for which you had the hots.

This definition of ‘compassionate’ is brought to you by the homeless, disenfranchised, broken, vulnerable, ignored, and voiceless.

– o 0 o –

Be blessed, be a blessing.

*It is the right hand side if you are looking out from inside your screen!

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